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Bank "bankrupcy", nice social engineering case Jul 21 2006 10:50AM
Tonu Samuel (tonu jes ee) (1 replies)

We had nice case in Estonia which happened without direct intention. There was
smaller town and department store wall holding only ATM at town. In some
reason department store need to construct something and to save ATM from dust
bank removed it temporarily from wall. Construction people decided to make
joke and put A4 size label there "Bankruptcy". Result were .....

To understand what happened, you might to think it through the eyes of people
living there.

People came to ATM and instead of ATM they saw label "Bankruptcy". Sure this
label was difficult to believe but also made a bit FUD in mind, so people
looked for confirmation - but yes there was confirmation! Even ATM was
already removed from there wall! And panic begun. People grabbed cellphone to
call friend and tell "Not sure but maybe bank XXXXX has bankrupted". Friend
who just got call from "Very trustable person" made already next call to own
friends "Yeah, I just got very reliable information...." and it began

It ended up in newspapers where bank explained case about ATM and construction
workers. Classic social engineering which sometime can cause direct loss in
less reliable situations using similar scenario.


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Re: Bank "bankrupcy", nice social engineering case[Scanned] Jul 24 2006 10:06PM
Davie Elliott - Eluse (delliott eluse co uk)


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