Real Cases Eurid suspends more than 74,000 .eu domain names Jul 26 2006 12:47PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
It's alleging dirty business practices involving the registration process
By: John Blau
July 25, 2006 (IDG News Service)

Alleged dirty business practices surrounding the registration process for
the European Union's new top-level domain have resulted in more than 74,000
.eu Web addresses being suspended and 400 registrars sued for breach of

Eurid vzw, the nonprofit organization in charge of the .eu registry, took
legal action after determining that a syndicate of registrars had
systematically acquired domain names with the intent of selling them, a
process known as warehousing, which is not permitted, the organization said

According to Eurid, all of the 74,000 domains registered by the 400
registrars are actually in the hands of three U.K.-based companies: Fausto
Ltd., Gabino Ltd. and Ovidio Ltd. The organization is convinced that the
domain name holders and the registrars are one and the same.

Daniel Jimenez

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