Real Cases VA Drops Credit Offer After FBI Says Data Is Safe Jul 26 2006 08:19PM
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VA Drops Credit Offer After FBI Says Data Is Safe
By: Jaikumar Vijayan (Computerworld)
July 24, 2006

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs last week withdrew its offer to pay
for one year's worth of credit-monitoring services for the 26.5 million
veterans and active-duty personnel whose data was exposed in the security
breach at the VA.

The decision to cancel the offer was made because of the "high degree" of
confidence expressed by the FBI that the data hadn't been accessed or
compromised, VA Secretary R. James Nicholson testified at a Senate committee
hearing last Thursday. The FBI, which recovered the stolen equipment on June
29, issued a final report to the VA on its evaluation of the data last week.

Nicholson said that instead of paying for credit-monitoring services, the VA
will soon retain an identity risk management and fraud-monitoring company to
track whether any of the data is being misused.

The credit-monitoring cost had been pegged at $160.5 million. Nicholson
wouldn't specify what the VA expects to pay to monitor for fraud. But, he
said, "it is surprisingly inexpensive."
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