Real Cases Another PC With Veterans' Data Goes Missing Aug 08 2006 09:46PM
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Re: Another PC With Veterans' Data Goes Missing Aug 09 2006 10:00AM
Marios A. Spinthiras (mario netway com cy)
I refuse to believe that the US gov retains sensitive information on a
desktop computer or laptop for that matter. This is stupified to a boiling
point. Surely the us gov can afford more than a spreadsheet and a word
document to stick their data in. ;)

My two pence,
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> Computer contains personal information--including social security
> numbers--of about 36,000 people.
> Grant Gross, IDG News Service
> Tuesday, August 08, 2006 06:00 AM PDT
> WASHINGTON -- A desktop PC containing the personal information of up to
> 36,000 U.S. military veterans has gone missing from U.S. Department of
> Veterans Affairs (VA) subcontractor Unisys, the VA announced yesterday.
> The PC may have contained VA patients' names, addresses, Social Security
> Numbers, dates of birth, insurance carriers and billing information, dates
> of military service, and claims data that may include some medical
> information, the VA said. Unisys notified the VA on Thursday that the
> computer was missing from the subcontractor's Reston, Virginia, offices.
> The VA immediately dispatched a team to Unisys to assist in the search for
> computer and to help determine what information it held, the VA said in a
> press release.
> Daniel Jimenez

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