Real Cases VA to analyze breached data Aug 12 2006 01:17PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
08/09/06 -- 04:25 PM
VA to analyze breached data
By Mary Mosquera, GCN Staff
08/09/06 -- 04:25 PM

The Veterans Affairs Department has contracted with ID Analytics Inc. of San
Diego to provide data breach analysis to ensure that information contained
on computer equipment stolen in May from a VA employee?s home and later
recovered was not compromised.

ID Analytics will conduct the analysis across multiple industries to detect
patterns of misuse and determine whether there is any suspicious activity
related to this computer equipment theft. The company will provide VA an
initial analysis and continue to offer its assessments on a quarterly basis,
said VA secretary James Nicholson.

?Data breach analysis will provide VA with additional assurances that
veterans? personal information remains unharmed,? he said in a statement.

Separately, veterans affected by the latest data theft, in which a desktop
computer went missing last week from the offices of a subcontractor, Unisys
Corp., will receive two letters later this week. One will notify them of the
theft, and the other will explain how to sign up for credit monitoring,
which Unisys will provide, VA spokesman Matt Burns said.

-Daniel Jimenez

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