Real Cases How Hizballah Hijacks the Internet Aug 12 2006 01:35PM
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Re: How Hizballah Hijacks the Internet Aug 14 2006 04:24PM
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Re: How Hizballah Hijacks the Internet Aug 14 2006 06:38PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)

Yeah, I hear what your saying, and I was wondering whether or not I should
even have posted it up. I'm not too fond of the terroriste du jour either.

But ultimately, it is a RealCase of a security breach. I don't consider a
hacker as just a person who exploits security, and yes, any script kiddie
can run Metasploit and pwn an unpatched Win2k server running IIS 5.5, but
the point is, it was a security breach, and the place got owned for a bit.

Personally, I don't care who it is, if someone even tries to get close to my
systems, some sort of security alert will go off. Now, as the case may be,
since this is a "terrorist orgainization", I don't want the equipment I am
in charge of, being a part of a fight that a group of people feel should be
used to further their cause without expressed permission. I don't want the
systems I'm in charge of being used for anything besides their intended
purposes, period.

So whether this is propaganda or not, will be left for the reader to decide
for themselves. But, to reiterate I think this is a real case of a security
breach that should be looked at from a proactive security perspective. And
measures should always be in place to deal with these kinds of issues with
respect to your systems.



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>oh teh noes, terrorists can use the internet like every other script
>kiddie.. and because the popular enemy of the day is hizballah.. it must
>be their hackers doing it!..
>if they were smarter they would just setup a tor service.. oh.. wait..
>maybe they already have.. ye gods!
>i dunno man, im all down for "real cases" and such.. but this is just
>bullshit propaganda..
>watch out.. i hear iran has some great hackers/terrorists (its the same
>school ya know)
>On Sat, 2006-08-12 at 13:35 +0000, Daniel Jimenez wrote:
> >,8599,1224273,00.html?cnn=yes

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