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Looking for information on logs from Mambo or Joomla Aug 16 2006 01:15AM
Hugo Francisco González Robledo (hugo gonzalez itslp edu mx) (1 replies)
Re: Looking for information on logs from Mambo or Joomla Aug 18 2006 05:52PM
Daniel Cid (danielcid yahoo com br)
Hi Hugo,

I have posted some logs from these attacks in the wiki
of the ossec project:

Hope it helps. Btw, if you have logs to share with us
over there, it would be great.


Daniel B. Cid
dcid ( at )

--- Hugo Francisco González Robledo
<hugo.gonzalez (at) (dot) mx [email concealed]> escreveu:

> Hi all,
> I'm looking for information on the logs of Apache
> web server that uses
> Mambo or Joomla CMS.
> In recent months some attacks to those CMS's was
> found.
> I'm researching on it trhow the apache logs, if you
> have Mambo or
> Joomla, even if you didn't have any problem, your
> logs can help me a
> lot.
> I wish some of you could send me, prefereably
> filtered only with the
> information attack, the constant is the mosConfig
> string on the apache
> log.
> Thanks in advice
> --
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