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Cox Danny W Contr USSTRATCOM/J812 (COXDW stratcom mil)
You can probably get some help through the US-CERT and start documenting
their malicious activity for legal action. The link below will take you
to their report submission page:

Good luck on nailing them.

Danny W. Cox, CISSP, CISA
C2BMC Systems Security Engineer
coxdw (at) stratcom (dot) mil [email concealed]

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First mistake was talking about it on a public forum.
If you are US based and still have the 'ransom' note as well as proof of
a DDOS attack go to the FBI with the information. I think in Canada you
need to to with the RCMP. Whomever your legal authorities are is who
you need to see.

Leif Ericksen

On Tue, 2007-07-31 at 22:46 +0100, auto13925 (at) hushmail (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
> I have a small, members only forum with about 150 members. It is
> hosted on a third party server. A few days ago I received an email
> demanding $500 to be paid into an e-gold account, otherwise attacks
> would start. I did not reply and last 3 days my domain/forum has been
> under DDoS attack. Attacks are not very effective in that due to small

> amount of members there is not too much activity and we can
> occasionally access to read/post the latest. However, they are
> annoying and we would like to defend against it if we can. I am
> looking for some advice from anybody who can spare some time to write
> a reply. Thanks.
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