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RUSSIX Dec 17 2007 07:28PM
russ russix com (1 replies)
Hi all,

After some pressure from friends and collegues I have decided to release RUSSIX.

Its a Live Linux distribution based on SLAX with a focus towards Wireless Penetration Testing.

It comprises a number of tools including aircrack-ng, cowpatty, asleap, nmap, wireshark, hydra, as well as scripted attacks to aid cracking WEP and WPA networks. Currently, it only supports Atheros based chipsets and those of you lucky enough to own 2 atheros cards will be able to use the scripted Evil Twin attack.

Interested in hearing any feedback you may have or improvements you can make.

You can download it at http://www.russix.com/

Hope you enjoy it!


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Re: RUSSIX Dec 17 2007 08:27PM
guiness.stout (guinness stout gmail com)


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