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RE: anyone allergic to wifi? May 28 2008 02:18PM
Kevin Reiter (KReiter insidefsi net)
This sums it up nicely:


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Imagine the scale this can grow to. We've seen the Santa Fe issues with the crackpot winding everyone up that WIFI is so bad for you up to a point where it can actually affect the natural flow of technology. I think this looks more like the old days where a woman had her period or had some strange mental issue and they burnt her for it because everything thought she was a witch. Why ? Because one guy said OMG shes a witch!!!

Now we have people interfering with technology to a point where they are interfering into my life. No it doesn't happen. Think of it this way. Would he be less of an idiot looking into his own health by finding a solution optimal to himself or would he be better off shutting down everyone's hotspots.


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