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Re: anyone allergic to wifi? May 30 2008 01:23PM
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It would be nice to have some conclusive research on this topic. I can't imagine researchers aren't interested in this, and since nothing has broken through the news like wildfire, I'll assume that the results were less than interesting.

Oh, I know it's common to compare microwave oven emissions to wifi since they happen to share the same spectrum, but there's a difference when comparing a gun to my rubber band shooter in my cubicle at work.

Fine, yes, I could shoot you 10,000 times and one time may produce a blood clot that goes to our brain and kills you, but that gets into our personal risk acceptance philosophies.

I would wonder if the constant worry and mental fight against wifi technologies and their health concerns may itself be more of a health threat than wireless...

<- snip ->

I've been working on networks for some time now.

I own a cell phone since 2000.

Both wireless networks and cellular phones are something we can't live with.

Both COULD have deep impact on our health: it is to be proven on wireless,

but high frequencies radio signals are known to be "not so good".

(never wondered why a microwave oven is - often poorly - shielded?)

Please don't blindly say "everybody do it, then we're not wrong".

I'd better say "we know, but this is the best we have done so far;

maybe in future we'll find something better, and healthier".

(meanwhile, I personally gave up that nifty Bluetooth accessories which

come with my cell phone, and use that ugly cable one)

Maybe not the best sentence to tell on "wifisec" ML, and maybe lot of flames will hit me.

But, cannot be silent on this.

My two eurocents.

Ivan Brunello

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Ive been staring at this message for some time now in my inbox and I just clicked on Arthur Firstenberg's wikipedia page. To be honest , I refused to take a person that refers to global telecommunication theories seriously. Secondly , if he was homeless because the rest of the billions of people are doing what he isnt , and he thinks hes right , well he deserves to be homeless since he didndt have a job.

As far as hypersensitivity and his problem in general , I would find it easier to prove that he is wrong and that he is certificable first than actually proving that what we have been doing for so many years now is just super wrong. Billions of averagely normal people vs one guy who had a bad dental visit bundled up with a conspiracy theory.

Real firm and real.

Warm Regards,

Mario A. Spinthiras

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RE: anyone allergic to wifi? May 30 2008 02:57PM
Poley, Jason (jpoley co santa-barbara ca us)


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