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I am Jack's unpropitious excitement Jun 11 2008 05:30PM
Rob Fuller (jd mubix gmail com)
So, I have to apologize to the whole Security community for my idiocy.
Yesterday I was made aware of a post about Backtrack 3 Final coming
out. The link I received was a link to Mut's blog. While reading the
post it mentioned something about an early IRC release. Proceeding to
IRC I found a direct link to the ISO in the topic. Excited about the
release I failed to read the rest of the topic in IRC mentioning that
they wanted it to stay within the IRC community. I then started
sending out a link to Mut's post, and the link to the ISO out to my
friends and the Wifi Sec mailing list.

Today at some point the ISO was pulled offline, according to an email
I received, due to my Wifi Sec posting.

I am sorry to everyone in the Remote Exploit community, and especially
Mutts, Max, and MjM. So, if you read this and see me at one of the
conferences. Mention this post's title and I owe you a beer.

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