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[tool announce] KisGearth - optimized release... Aug 28 2008 05:59PM
Richard Sammet (richard sammet googlemail com)
dear wireless interested guys ;)

its more than one year ago since i released the first public version
of KisGearth:

every time i tried kismets gpsmap tool none of the mapservers were
available. so i
decided to write my own tool while using the best resources available.

kisgearth is a small perl script that gives you the possibility to
convert your kismet xml
logfiles to google earth kml files. you can apply a lot of filters and
use sorting/ordering
functions in order to get the best results.

during the last few month i added some new features, fixed a bunch of
bugs and enhanced the position calculation a lot. with the latest
KisGearth release you will be able to generate maps with access point
positions which will be positioned by about 5 meters of accuracy (you
need accurate kismet logs and gps data, of course).

please inform me about bugs, feature requests and so on.

i hope it will be useful!

website: http://mytty.org/kisgearth/
google code repo.: http://code.google.com/p/kisgearth/


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