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releasing jasager Sep 17 2008 04:38PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com)
I'd like to announce the release of version 1 of Jasager.

Jasager is an implementation of Karma for the Fon or other AP running OpenWrt.

Features include:
A web gui which works in both Firefox and lynx for those ssh sessions
Auto-run scripts which are triggered on client association or when the
get an IP address through DHCP. These can be used for auto running
things like nmap or nessus scans and for launching driver specific
attacks by checking the MAC address of all associating clients
A command line script to take the pain out of remembering the iwpriv commands.

Check it out at www.digininja.org/jasager and watch the latest episode
of Hak5. Comments, bugs, general feedback can either be sent to me or
through the Hak5 forums.


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