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Re: wifi security christmas presents Dec 22 2008 11:47PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com)
2008/12/22 Michael Painter <tvhawaii (at) shaka (dot) com [email concealed]>:
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> Subject: wifi security christmas presents
>> Hi
>> Seeing as I've asked it for the last couple of years and got some good
>> responses I figured I'd keep the tradition going and ask, what wifi
>> security toys are people getting, or wanting, for Christmas this year?
>> I've no chance of getting one but I would love a USRP
>> (http://gnuradio.org/trac/wiki/USRP) device.
>> Robin
> This would easily fit in a stocking...
> http://metageek.net/products/wi-spy-dbx

First thing I thought was looks like, second thing, how much is it if
they are offering $200 discount!

Sure it would be money well spent if you had the use for it though.


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