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detecting IP address in WPA traffic Apr 23 2009 09:18PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com) (3 replies)
Re: detecting IP address in WPA traffic Apr 24 2009 12:03PM
Cedric Blancher (blancher cartel-securite fr)
Re: detecting IP address in WPA traffic Apr 24 2009 07:54AM
Ivan Davidkov (ivan davidkov gmail com)
Re: detecting IP address in WPA traffic Apr 24 2009 05:12AM
Mike Kershaw (dragorn kismetwireless net) (1 replies)
Re: detecting IP address in WPA traffic Apr 24 2009 06:45PM
Mike Kershaw (dragorn kismetwireless net)
On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 01:12:16AM -0400, Mike Kershaw wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 10:18:20PM +0100, Robin Wood wrote:
> > Hi
> > I've got kismet running and it has picked up a network which it says
> > is WPA/TKIP but it has also identified an IP address and marked it as
> > identified by TCP traffic. How could this be? The SSID is linksys so
> > it there may be another unencrypted linksys AP just out of range that
> > it picked up for a short period then lost but apart fro that I can't
> > think how it could get the IP address.
> It's gotten traffic which wasn't marked as encrypted and looked like
> tcp, OR it's seen that MAC when it wasn't encrypted and has a cached
> value OR it's somehow hitting the factory handlers. I'd have to see the
> pcap file. Contact me off-list since I'm sure most ppl here don't care.

Looks like you saw the AP previously unencrypted. It's not guessing a
factory IP range and there isn't any IP traffic for the linksys TKIP AP,
so it's using the old cached IP.

Newcore doesn't cache IP ranges; I suggest using that in general anyhow.


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