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RE: The great WiFi robbery: police to patrol down your street Jul 22 2009 01:42AM
Dr John Halewood (john unidec co uk)
> Some ISPs in the UK still ship their routers to their clients
> with WEP enabled security. I think that's unacceptable, and
> they should share responsibility if/when their users are exploited.

It's not just ISPs. One of the firms I do quite a lot of work for (large UK
company) still has all their access points in certain areas set for 40-bit
WEP encryption. The reason? They're still using years-old Symbol hand
scanners for inventory/stocktaking, and that's all they support. Doesn't
half cause a lot of interoperability problems with more modern kit. Can't
persuade them to upgrade as the attitude is 'it's not broken so don't fix
it'. Apparently network security isn't a reason to count something as being


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