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Why do I see only downstream traffic? Aug 12 2009 09:53PM
Maria Valen (maria valen006 gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: Why do I see only downstream traffic? Aug 12 2009 11:09PM
Mike Kershaw (dragorn kismetwireless net)
Re: Why do I see only downstream traffic? Aug 12 2009 10:29PM
Dusan Mulac (dmulac gmail com)
Most probable reason is, that their AP is in range, and their clients
are not.

for example, if wifi range is 50meters, imagine that the ap is 40m away
and the clients are 70meters away in the same direction. They are in
reach of the AP and the netowk works fine for them, but they are too far
for you to 'sniff' them out. Meanwhile their AP is in reach and you get
all of their downloads. Now count the walls and rooms in between, and
you'll probably see that their AP is alot closer (distance+number of
walls in between) then their clients.

That would be my guess...

Maria Valen wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to sniff traffic in a wireless network using wireshark.
> Without going into promiscuous mode I can see my neighbour downstream
> traffic i.e. traffic from AP to the end users. Same case even if I use
> promiscuous mode. I dont see any upstream traffic?
> Can somebody please explain this? How do I sniff upstream traffic (
> from end-user to the AP) ?
> --
> Maria

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