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Caller ID Spoofing in GSM Networks Aug 19 2009 10:11PM
Maria Valen (maria valen006 gmail com) (1 replies)
RE: Caller ID Spoofing in GSM Networks Aug 20 2009 04:17PM
Kevin Reiter (KReiter insidefsi net)
: Folks!
: I am studying possible methods and techniques by which someone can
: spoof caller ID in GSM networks. In fact, I have to prepare a demo
: demonstrating two things:
: 1- Caller ID spoofing
: 2- Flood a cell/phone with multiple successive calls/SMS appearing to
: come from different numbers.
: What do I need to set up at my desktop computer to accomplish the
: above?

For the CallerID spoofing you can try this one:

There are many others.. Google is your friend.

And, the obvious "make sure you check with your carrier before flooding a phone during testing" applies..

: Any help, tutorials and pointers in achieving the above will be
: appreciated.
: Maria

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