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WPA Encryption Oct 05 2009 12:31AM
AFH Security (security afallenhope com) (4 replies)
Re: WPA Encryption Oct 06 2009 02:41PM
Mike Duncan (Mike Duncan noaa gov)
Re: WPA Encryption Oct 05 2009 08:21PM
Taras (taras securityaudit ru)

you can also use John the Ripper with aircrack-ng to crack complex

For more information look here:

On Sun, 2009-10-04 at 20:31 -0400, AFH Security wrote:
> I've been looking for tutorials or articles on the weakness in the WPA
> protocol. I've been able to capture my handshake, and I've used the
> aircrack-ng suite, but never am I able to find my password. Mind you
> it's something extremely simple, but it's not found in any dictionaries.
> I was told you can use rainbow tables, but I've never used them. Can
> someone enlighten me on this please?
> Regards.
Taras - OSCP, OSWP
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Re: WPA Encryption Oct 05 2009 03:50PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com)
Re: WPA Encryption Oct 05 2009 02:12PM
Fatah al Farihin (fathkay yahoo com)


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