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WPA Migration Mode: WEP is back to haunt you... Aug 05 2010 03:39PM
Leandro Meiners (leandro meiners coresecurity com)
Hi list!

Last week Diego Sor and I presented at Black Hat an attack against
Ciscoâ??s WPA Migration Mode, which is a proprietary feature of Cisco
access points that enables both WPA and WEP clients to associate to an
access point using the same Service Set Identifier (SSID). Our attack
allows cracking the WEP key (even when there are no WEP stations using
the network).

The following link points to the slides, a whitepaper with some more
technical details and patches for aircrack-ng that implement our attack,
and for Kismet that add the capability to detect access points
configured in WPA Migration Mode.



Leandro Federico Meiners
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Core Security Technologies

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