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Microwave/RF point to point link risk assessment Aug 08 2010 01:30PM
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Hi All,

We are an Information Security consulting firm, currently doing
Risk assessment for our client on various wireless technologies
like WiMAX, CDMA, EVDO, VSAT, GPRS, point to point Microwave and
RF. We are looking for equipment/software tool useful for
testing communication security over Microwave, VSAT, and RF

Point to point communication, be it wired or wireless can be
protected using IPSec VPN tunnel but the client is more
interested in knowing the damage or business impact possible in
absence of VPN tunnel. Internet search results mainly in
Wireless testing for Wi-Fi only; not for point to point
Microwave, RF, or VSAT link. For Wi-Fi, the assessment can be
done using a laptop with Wi-Fi card, software tool, and an
access point, without any sophisticated equipment. I wonder what
equipment / software tool we need to have for point to point
microwave link assessment.

We are looking for possible methods that an adversary can use to
steal the data from the wireless link or disrupt the normal
operation. We need to demonstrate how much penetration or damage
is viable over the wireless link. We figured out the following
attacks are possible:

a) Traffic analysis Attack
b) Eavesdropping
c) Denial-of-service Attack
d) Black-hole Attack
e) Node Deprivation Attack
f) Rogue Access point/Base Station detection
g) Interference, Signal Jamming attack

If you have idea about any software tool / equipment that can
help us analyze the risk over wireless link, please do suggest.
Feel free to share if you have any thought / experience /
methodology / reference in this regard.

Appreciate your reply. Thanks a bunch.

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