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WPA2 Security question Nov 07 2010 02:52PM
Avi Shvartz (avishvartz1 yahoo com) (3 replies)

Hello list,

A big finance organization is considering to equip some workers in the branches
with mobile TABLET devices (WIN 7 based) and using WiFi communication (within
the branch only).

My initial thought about the network is to use:
 -  WPA2 Enterprise: CCMP/AES with RADIUS authentication (not PSK).
 -  Decent firewall & IPS between the Access Point and the internal network.
 -  Implement 802.1x within the internal network for any device that will slip
 - MAC filtering (I know.. spooffable.. hard to maintain.. but nevertheless...).

My questions:
 - Any known attacks against WPA2 CCMP/AES & Radius combination ?
 - Anything I missed  in the network layer ?

At the Tablet device:
 - Volume level encryption (keep the key in external USB token).
 - No applications and data in the device (using Citrix client in my case).
 - Remote wipe.
 - Extensive Active Directory GPO usage.

My questions:
- Anything missing ?

Thank you all for your kind answers


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Re: WPA2 Security question Nov 08 2010 01:11PM
Joshua Wright (jwright hasborg com) (1 replies)
RE: WPA2 Security question Nov 08 2010 05:39PM
Raggo Michael-TCK748 (Mike Raggo motorola com)
Re: WPA2 Security question Nov 07 2010 11:30PM
Richard Farina (sidhayn gmail com)
Re: WPA2 Security question Nov 07 2010 05:24PM
Grant Moerschel (gm wavegard com)


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