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max transmit powers Aug 01 2011 09:19PM
Robin Wood (robin digininja org) (1 replies)
Re: max transmit powers Aug 03 2011 04:57PM
Richard Farina (sidhayn gmail com) (1 replies)
On 08/01/11 17:19, Robin Wood wrote:
> Two questions here, first, whats the best way to find out the maximum
> transmit power of any given card? I assumed it would be on the FCC
> site but for one of my Alfa cards, a awus036eh, last time I searched
> their database I managed to find a card with the same id but the photo
> and spec was completely different. Now I'm trying to find it again I
> can't even find that one.
Search for the fcc id not the card name.
> And second, what is the risk of increasing the transmit power beyond
> the level the card is designed to run at? Will the cards cap
> themselves and just run to their maximum or will they try to go higher
> than they should and potentially burn out or fail? Or is it a mix of
> both?
Often people believe the max tx power of a card was chosen just because
of regulatory limitations, however it is also very likely that the max
tx power was chosen because after that the signal degrades or the card
gets damaged.

Realistically, the max tx power of the card should not be exceeded
because the signal will almost certainly degrade significantly, and you
have the potential for damaging the card. There were many reports of
people using the hipower patch for that awus036h that experienced card
issues, failures transmitting, and even buzzing sounds after very short
usage. If you need more tx power, buy a better card, or a good amp.

> Robin
> PS I'm thinking a lot about wifi at the moment, can you tell?

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Re: max transmit powers Aug 04 2011 02:15PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: max transmit powers Aug 04 2011 02:59PM
Richard Farina (sidhayn gmail com)


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