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Robert Coles co hennepin mn us

I like number one from a management and cost perspective.
More control and you could use OpenDNS for name resolution and basic filtering.

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On Oct 31, 2011, at 8:56 PM, "Seth Fogie" <seth (at) fogieonline (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:

> I have a security related infrastructure question:
> Proposal: Provide guest access to anyone at all remote sites.
> Reasoning: Guests need to have a distraction for long wait times
> (non-negotiable).
> Solutions:
> 1. Create a Guest SSID and tag it with the external VLAN and then
> tunnel the traffic back over the site-to-site VPN via the broadband
> modem and route this traffic to an external connection over the same
> link that provides internal VLAN traffic.
> 2. Build a separate infrastructure for wireless Guest traffic and
> purchase a dedicated internet connection for all guest traffic per site.
> 3. ????
> Help?
> Thanks!!!

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