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Wireless Infrastructure Nov 01 2011 01:54AM
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Kripton, Bruce (Kripton Bruce scrippshealth org)

The answer is always "it depends", followed shortly by the comment that
you're looking at the tip of an Iceberg of unknown size :-)

I have seen and implemented both of the scenarios you outlined below
many times, and each was purpose built predicated upon security and or
regulatory requirements.

That said, one of the unexpected by-products was that I have also seen
employees and staff "migrate" from the more restrictive corporate
network to the one less restrictive (and possibly less monitored as

Based upon that "learning", you'll probably want to consider not making
the Guest network too attractive for the other employees to jump on,
unless that isn't a concern. The secondary part is that open Guest
networks are attractive for folks to consume all available bandwidth on,
so if rate or traffic limiting is not considered as part of the plan on
a per user basis, you'll likely end up with one or two Internet hogs
ruining the experience for all others.

Lastly, again on the topic of Guest or open networks, you'll want to
consider at least basic web site filtering and blocking as well as
logging and service restrictions as needed. Typically I see web and
email needs dominate the Guest requirements list, while streaming media
and gaming may not be practical in a limited bandwidth implementation. I
have also seen law enforcement make log and monitoring requests of the
IS / IT admin staff that run the "Guest" network because a user, likely
malicious in traffic and or email, is abusing an open wireless system,
so keep that in mind as well.

Hope this helps ...


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I have a security related infrastructure question:

Proposal: Provide guest access to anyone at all remote sites.
Reasoning: Guests need to have a distraction for long wait times

1. Create a Guest SSID and tag it with the external VLAN and then tunnel
the traffic back over the site-to-site VPN via the broadband modem and
route this traffic to an external connection over the same link that
provides internal VLAN traffic.
2. Build a separate infrastructure for wireless Guest traffic and
purchase a dedicated internet connection for all guest traffic per site.
3. ????

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