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New mailing list Oct 28 2005 12:00PM
Don Parker (dparker bridonsecurity com)
We are pleased to announce the creation of another mailing list on
SecurityFocus: Beta-Announce.


The primary objective of the Beta-Announce list is to provide the
SecurityFocus community access to upcoming security tool and product
beta trials. In the same vein it will provide access to tool authors and
vendors to announce their beta programs and get valuable feedback from
the community which will ultimately use and in some cases, buy, their


There are an overwhelming number of security tools and products
available today. Many, if not most, have limited beta trials because of
lack of access to an informed, qualified community. By providing a list
such as this we hope to help authors provide stronger offerings to the
community and we hope to allow the community an opportunity to stay
abreast of the most recent security technologies.

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