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mwcollect v3.0.0 Release Oct 30 2005 12:34PM
Georg Wicherski (georg-wicherski pixel-house net) (1 replies)
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The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance are pleased to announce the
release of mwcollect v3.0.0 on .

What's new?

The core has been completly rewritten. It is now even more modularized
and has prooven to be very stable. Integration of libCURL for http/ftp
downloads is now threaded and therefore does not result in an increased
CPU usage. mwcollect v3.0.0 is much more suited for future extensions
and is the important step from the proof of concept that v2.x.x was to a
real mature product. mwcollect is now licensed under the GPL, (c) by
Honeynet Project.

Obtaining mwcollect

You can download a compressed .tar.bz2 source package from . If you prefer the checkout of the SVN
tag, go for .

Compiling mwcollect

mwcollect depends on the following libraries:

- - libcurl3
- - libpcre3

And specifically under Linux also:

- - libcap1

Go into the mwcollect base directory and run `make` to compile. Run
`DEBUG=y make` if you also want to have debug symbols, debug log
messages and asserts enabled.

Installing and Configuring mwcollect

- - Edit the files in ./conf/, they're all pretty well documented.
- - Optionally copy the subdirectories around, e.g. ./bin/ to /usr/bin/
- - GZip and copy the manpage in ./doc/ if you want to access it.
- - Invoke mwcollectd by ./bin/mwcollectd $(OPTIONS)
A good point to start may be:

./bin/mwcollectd --version
./bin/mwcollectd --console-log=all --conf=conf/mwcollectd.conf

- - Watch your sensors collect, go to #mwcollect on FreeNode if you need
additional help or just to say `Thank you, great tool!'

Best Regard & Happy Collecting,
Georg 'oxff' Wicherski
( & )
Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux)


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