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mwcollect v3.0.1 Release Dec 04 2005 08:23PM
Georg Wicherski (georg-wicherski pixel-house net)
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The Honeynet Project is proud to announce the release of mwcollect
v3.0.1 which contains some minor bug fixes, two new shellcode parsers
and most importantly support for the Prelude IDS Aggregator.

mwcollect is a UNIX daemon dedicated to collecting in-the-wild malware
spreading using known exploits. Download from as usual, see the included README file
for installation instructions.

This release is dedicated to Dorothea Reiffer, who has birthday today,
on the 4th of December. She is the lovely mother of Georg Wicherski, the
mwcollect Head Developer. Without her tremendious enthusiasm, this
project would not exist.

There is no changelog for this update, review the Subversion Log
available under for details.

Thanks also go to Yoann Vandoorselaere for his great support in writing
the log-prelude module. Prelude IDS is also the generous hoster of .

Expect some future changes regarding mwcollect, there are plans for
chaning the internal structure of the core to be yet more generic and
modularized to allow even greater module intercommunication. A more
generic way to parse shellcodes is also being worked on by Ryan Smith.


Georg 'oxff' Wicherski
mwcollect Head Developer


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