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Windows CE Address Book 2 Jan 05 2006 12:13AM
Jose Andre Morales (jam joemango com) (1 replies)
RE: Windows CE Address Book 2 Jan 07 2006 01:17AM
Peter Shoukry (pshoukry gmail com)
I think this is a sure off topic here but I am going to give you just a
hint on where to start :)

To access the contacts in pocket pc you need to use the POOM (The Pocket
Outlook Object Model)

"Applications access Pocket Outlook data through the Pocket Outlook Object
Model, or as it is more commonly referred to, POOM. This COM-based library
provides an object hierarchy that simplifies the process of creating,
modifying and displaying appointments, tasks and contacts."

For more details please check this link:

(This link contains a POOM sample that demonstrates creating a DLL written
in eMbedded Visual C++. You learn how to call this DLL from a .NET Compact
Framework-based application. While somewhat limited in functionality as it
offer access to contacts only it does exactly what you want)

Or you can go for the complete library to help you access the poom directly
from .net compact frame work:


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HI list memeber, does anyone know how to read/access/copy the contents of
address book also called Contacts on a pocketpc ??? Im doing a bit of
research in this area and cannot seem to read the address book
entries, Im thinking they are in some obscure file that i dont know
the name of or in memory which in that case i need the address of
where it is. thanks in advance

Yours in Success,

Jose Andre Morales

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