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Malware Contest - CSRRT-LU Jan 24 2006 11:02AM
Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau uucp foo be)

=== CSRRT-LU Malware Contest ===

Sometime ago, we made the [[Honeylux]] contest and it was a very funny
and interesting contest. Now inside various projects at CSRRT-LU, we
are collecting a lot of undefined malware. We would like to give the
ability to all the people that are interested to better understand
what malware is doing. So if you want to give a try and maybe
win... just pick the following files and read the very basic rules.

=== The malwares to be analyzed ===

* Files X
- Checksum MD5 edb2ade8bca0a6b82b9d160ca40db8e5 (from automatic
malware collection filename)
* Files Y
- Checksum MD5 21dad79747a3293293366fe5234575eb (from automatic
malware collection filename)
* Files Z
- Checksum MD5 76d49cddb57ff0703db82158e900f245 (from a Luxembourgish

=== Rules ===

You are free to use whatever tools or techniques you like, provided
that the jury is able to really interpret your results. Provide also
the name of the tools you used and how you used them. Nonetheless you
should explain your tools and techniques in your analysis and cite
references to resources to allow others to learn by example.

You can enter submissions as a team but there will only be one price
given to the team, so up to you then to decide how you share the
price. :-))

All submissions must be timestamped prior to 15 May 2006 00:00 CET.

Submissions must be sent to malwarecontest (at) csrrt (dot) org [email concealed]

Entries must be written in English.

'''Please keep in mind that the files are malware so great care must
be followed when analyzing.'''

=== CSRRT-LU ===

CSRRT-LU is a computer security research and response team association
localized in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. CSRRT-LU engages in
advanced computer security development and research projects in order
to increase security awareness and advancement especially in
Luxembourg but also on an international level. CSRRT-LU is in close
partnership with research institutes, the industrial sector and
governmental institutions.

CSRRT-LU provides a cooperative and virtual organization for working
with individuals, groups and industries. Everybody is welcome to
participate in the various research projects in computer
security. Please check the participation page for more information on
how to help.

CSRRT-LU is also organizing the (

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