Binary Analysis
freeprod Feb 02 2006 10:57PM
Steve McKnelly (thoth1890 gmail com)
Good Afternoon,
I'm not sure is this is appropriate for this list. If it isn't,
please accept my most sincere apologies.

A couple of weeks ago, my computer required a format and re-install of
Windows XP. I installed everything as usual with no problems. It
wasn't until I plugged the computer into the network that the problem

Now, you have to understand: I hadn't visited any websites and the
binaries I had used previously with no problems. However, when I
plugged in the network, a small box popped up on the screen 30 seconds
later saying it was installing my content from some website called
"". The next several hours were a nightmare. I finally
wised up, wiped the drive, unplugged the network, reformatted,
reinstalled and installed firewall software. No problems since.

I admit to being new to the world of vulnerabilities. I'm just
curious if there has been any research into this particular remote
code exploit and, if so, could someone point me to it? I've searched
Google, but the only thing I can find is people desperately trying to
remove the thing with varying levels of success.

If you've read this far, thanks for your time and consideration!

Steve McKnelly

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