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mwcollect & nepenthes Fusion Announcement Feb 22 2006 05:48PM
Georg Wicherski (georg-wicherski pixel-house net)
mwcollect & nepenthes Fusion Announcement

The mwcollectd and nepenthes teams are proud to announce the end of the
independant co-existance of two tools sharing the same aim. mwcollectd
will be finished to v3.0.4 soon; development will be discontinued
afterwards. nepenthes will be the official successor of mwcollectd. will become a top-level community covering malware
collection efforts, nepenthes will become the official software used for
malware collection and be part of The mwcollect
Alliance will continue to exist with existing mwcollect v3.0.3 sensor
and nepenthes sensors later on.

This is not the end of the mwcollect Malware Collection efforts, the
codebase used to collect the samples will change and with that the name
of the used daemon. The mwcollectd daemon will be discontinued,
nepenthes will be continued to be published under the GPL license, a
public SVN repository and a Trac for source browsing will be created.

The benefit to the end user is a much more powerful software due to
joined forces, the benefit to the developers is that we need to spend
less time on developing due to shared work. End users using nepenthes
right now will not have to change anything (except for their browser's
bookmark). End users using mwcollect will have to switch nepenthes

The Roadmap for the projects' fusion is:
- release of mwcollectd v3.0.4
- merge of project pages, setup of new
- release of Alliance ready nepenthes

Best Regards,

Paul 'dp' Baecher (nepenthes Head Developer)
Markus 'common' Koetter (nepenthes Head Developer)
Georg 'oxff' Wicherski (mwcollectd Head Developer, Head)

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