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PECompact2 Jun 23 2006 06:08PM
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Greg Hunt (gregory hunt gmail com)
On Fn 6/23/06, als (at) hush (dot) com [email concealed] <als (at) hush (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> Now I would like to unpack the executable to carry on with the
> analysis. From what I could understand this would only be possible
> by running it in a test win32 system, probably using a dissasembly
> tool, since it only "unpacks" itself when being executed. Is that
> correct? Would there be some other way of doing so, perhaps using
> some sort of decompression tool? I was not able to find any so far.


OllyDBD OllyScripts to help unpack PECompact2 executables:

Old tutorial on unpacking an executable compressed with an older
version of PECompact:


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