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Hacker Challenge 2007 Aug 16 2007 03:41PM
Hacker Challenge (challenge2007 hackerchallenge org)

I'm not certain if this list is still active, but I thought that the
following announcement might be of interest. Between now and August
27th at 14:00 GMT, we are accepting registrations to participate in the
2007 Hacker Challenge. The challenge is a part of our research into
software security protections and involves three phases: 1) the reverse
engineering of a (internally designed, non-sensitive) executable; 2)
participation in an information market regarding software protection;
and 3) a second reverse engineering challenge. In the 2006 Hacker
Challenge, we gave away approximately $15,000 in prizes. This year we
plan to give away as much as $50,000. If you are interested, please see
our web page at:


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