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Binary Analysis tool survey Jul 30 2008 04:08PM
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Re: Binary Analysis tool survey Jul 31 2008 08:38AM
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Sanjay R schrieb:
> Hi List:
> I am starting a state-of-the-art survey in the field of code analysis
> (methods and tools) with focus on binary analysis, from security
> standpoint. In this regard, I need some input, from your experience
> and knowledge. I am basically looking for:
> 1. any existing article in the similar lines (though I have got few by
> googling).
> 2. what are the important features that must be considered when
> assessing binary analysis capabilities of a tool.
> 3. existing tools (freewares and commercial), so that there can be a
> comparison in the end.
> thanking you in anticipation
> regards
> sanjay
I think the term is "blackbox" analysis, I you've got no source. If
you're focusing on source and binary analysis, that's Graybox analysis.
The common way could be to use an (Interactive) Disassembler, dump the
binary, and analyze it. The rest is dependent of the OS. There's
IDA(Pro), ollbydbg (a debugger to locate the functions which are
called). SoftICE, there's otool(e) for MacOS, maybe you want boomerang,
there the gdb. There're some comercial disassembler, too. For whitebox
analysis there's lot's of stuff.
To my mind the important feature is speed ;), performance and an
organized view of the dump. I like IDAPro and DDD.


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Re: Binary Analysis tool survey Aug 01 2008 02:04PM
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