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ISM Community Update Mar 15 2007 11:20AM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)
General Update
The Wiki is now online. http://www.ism-community.org/ProjectsWiki/. If you
haven't used a Wiki before don't worry. Anyone with an account on the portal
can collaborate on any projects. Simply register, go to the project pages
and you can edit, add and read online with no additional steps.
Collaboration is that simple.

Karsten Abata from Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago has joined the steering

Project Update

Risk Assessment - The Risk Assessment Project working draft is now online on
the Wiki. We need people to help complete the first draft and then road test
it in as Beta stage.

ISMS Implementation Guide - Paulo Coelho is leading this project and
starting to produce this guide and looking for volunteers.

Information Security Glossary - I started an online information security
glossary. Please add your terms.

Local Chapters

The local chapter leaders are working on first events as we speak. A major
update to the site for the Chapters will happen tonight or tomorrow.

As always if you want to get involved please join the community.


Mark Curphey

Blog - http://www.securitybuddha.com
Fun - http://www.securitybullshit.com
Community - http://www.ism-community.org

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