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Open Risk Model Repository and Open Source Risk Assessment Tool Mar 25 2007 08:25PM
Adrian Wiesmann (awiesmann somap org)
Hello list

We from the SOMAP.org project just released another development preview of
our Open Source Information Security Risk Assessment and Management
application called Security Officers Best Friend (SOBF) Tool. With this
version we introduced the implementation of the Risk Assessment Workflow
which guides the user through the whole risk assessment process.

And we did another update. With this version of the SOBF Tool we introduce
the Open Risk Model Repository (ORIMOR), formerly known as just
"Repository". The ORIMOR is our database containing Assets, Threats,
Vulnerabilities, Safeguards, Objectives and Standards informations. It is
the goal of the ORIMOR to have a database of model information onto which
tools like the SOBF Tool can be built. The data within the ORIMOR is
logically linked and can therefore be interpreted by risk analysis tools
like our own SOBF Tool.

Please visit the SOMAP.org website for further details.

I am looking forward to your input and comments.


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