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Wanted : Old Policies and Standards for Recycling! May 01 2007 09:43AM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)
Yes that's right, I want your old polices and standards for re-cycling. We
have revamped the ISM-Community and are about to kick it off later this week
with an easier and simpler structure and lots of new features like mailing
lists and a custom application to manage local chapters. Formal announcement
before the end of the week when we have completed the over haul when we will
be fully open for community business again!

In the meantime I am running the Policy and Standards project to create and
maintain a complete set of well written and "engaging" (now that's the value
proposition right there) policies and standards with the help of a team of
volunteers I hope to find to help.

That means I am looking for;

- volunteers
- policies and standards

If you are a company you may want to consider donating your current polices
and standards (I will sign an NDA and work with you to scrub anything
sensitive) and place them in an open community where they can be improved
and maintained with community support. It's a win win!

If you are a specialist in a particular area such as firewalls or Windows
and know a thing or two about writing and maintaining standards for
specialist area I would love to hear from you.

Mark Curphey

Blog - http://www.securitybuddha.com
Fun - http://www.securitybullshit.com
Community - http://www.ism-community.org

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