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ISM Community Top Ten Draft Jun 04 2007 03:23PM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)
I have just uploaded the ISM Community Top Ten Draft here.


The intention of the T10 is to provide a short and concise awareness
document. In the same genre as the SANS Top 20 and OWASP Top Ten it can be
used by business managers and information security professionals to provoke
thought about their current information security programs.

We plan to release the final document next week. There have seen several
volunteers who have kindly offered to translate it into other languages. The
current draft requires some final touches and if anyone has some time today
or tomorrow please download it, edit it with tracking turned on (important)
and email revisions and suggestions to me (mark at curphey dot com). The
final draft for translators will be available on Thursday.

Still required

1. Proof reading (grammar, accuracy and completeness)
2. Tips and Tricks from the field added to sections 8, 9 and 10

Any major changes or suggestions can be consider for an updated version
later this year.


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