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Policies and Standards Project at ISM Community Jun 08 2007 12:41PM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)
Ciske van Oosten has agreed to take over the Policies and Standards project
at the ISM Community. Ciske runs a great blog focused on policies and
standards at http://infosec-risk.blogspot.com/.

The idea behind the Policies and Standards project is to build and maintain
a comprehensive and well written free set of policies and standards. These
things are rarely competitive advantages to any company and so collaboration
can benefit everyone. There are some documents now floating around as
donations from various companies which is also great.

Ciske has written a great guide to policies and standards and has some great
ideas and passion to make this project happen.

The discussion forum is here http://www.ism-community.org/forums/68.aspx and
I am sure Ciske will be sending some updates and have a project plan via the
ISM blog for the project here

If you have any policies and standards you would donated as baseline
documents please contact Ciske via the forums.



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