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Version 1.0b1 of Open Source Risk Assessment Tool (SOBF Tool) Jul 01 2007 03:10PM
Adrian Wiesmann (awiesmann somap org)

We from SOMAP.org recently released version 1.0b1 of our open source risk
assessment tool which is known as "Security Officers Best Friend (SOBF)".

There are much changes since the last development preview: This beta
version features a completely redesigned Risk Assessment Workflow panel.
The current Assessments can now be changed. Threats can be activated on
Assessment level. The Risk Assessment Workflow was completed. This version
of the SOBF Tool features a new ORIMOR snapshot. An error was fixed that
crashed the data import on non-English systems. An error was fixed that
crashed report generation.

The SOBF Tool will run on any system with Java 1.5 (or later) installed.
You can find the download link and further informations on this website:


Please let us know your comments and input. You can do so either in our
forum or you could join our mailinglist. You can find all the contact
details on our website.


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