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Change of Moderator, Administrivia and ISM Community Update Sep 25 2007 02:16PM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)

I just wanted to let you know that Michael Smith (Guerilla CSO -
http://www.guerilla-ciso.com ) has agreed to take over moderating this list.
Traffic has been slow of late but I am sure Michael will stimulate
discussion again. My life has taken a right hand turn and I will be
travelling a great deal and busy with a new job building an information
security Governance, Risk and Compliance product at Microsoft.

Michael will also be re-launching the ISM Community and I am sure will be
sending out a mail looking for new volunteers in the near future. Things
also ground to a halt a little there, but I know he has some great ideas and
the concepts of building a community that works on projects that everyone
can benefit from still seems like a really good one.

As part of my new job I am encouraged to speak at events across Europe and
will hopefully get to meet some folks from the list in person!



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