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Re: OS X Adware, But Is It Real? Nov 29 2006 11:41PM
Juha-Matti Laurio (juha-matti laurio netti fi) (2 replies)
Re: OS X Adware, But Is It Real? Nov 30 2006 06:31PM
K F (lists) (kf_lists digitalmunition com)
Juha-Matti Laurio wrote:
> I was wondering if someone has experience if Installer update included
> to Security Update 2006-007 prevents iAdware from working?
> Apple doesn't list iAdware related references:
> - Juha-Matti
As far as I can tell 2006-007 did nothing to address the usage of
malicious InputManagers. I downloaded Macrocosm.tar.gz did a mkdir on
~/Library/InputManagers and moved the bundle into place. Shortly after
launching Calc I got the expected PopUp window.

InputManagers are a 'feature' I would not hold my breath waiting for a
'fix'. If you are paranoid about Macrocosm aka iAdware aka Cosmac feel
free to look into some Macintosh Anti-virus. As it stands unless someone
makes use of an existing exploit paired with Macrocosm you most likely
will not be seeing 'iAdware' anytime soon. Feel free to 'infect'
yourself... it is harmless.


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Re: OS X Adware, But Is It Real? Nov 30 2006 05:08PM
Philippe Devallois (phdevallois intego com)


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