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What's George Ou smoking? Feb 15 2007 02:06PM
Michael Dalling (mtdalling gmail com) (1 replies)
"... Vista UAC is no different from Mac or Linux privilege escalation ..."


Actually, installers running with elevated privileges was _not_ Joanna
Rutskowska's main point, but most OS X application bundles don't even use
installers; they install by drag-and-drop (which is not a problem as their
support files are in the bundle).

Furthermore, most will install and run with no problems on a "standard"
account in:

Users/<your username>/Applications

... which is, arguably, where self-installed apps "should" go:


There are exceptions--the Palm software being one--but, in general, that's the


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RE: What's George Ou smoking? Feb 16 2007 03:53PM
Don Rhodes (drhodes mail colgate edu)


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