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Question on recent Quicktime updates Jun 04 2007 04:30PM
Tom Yarrish (tom yarrish com) (2 replies)
RE: Question on recent Quicktime updates Jun 05 2007 05:29PM
Dixon, Wayne (wcdixo aurora lib il us)

From what I can locate, There have been no updates to QuickTime 6.5.x
since December of 2005. It looks like Apple has abandoned QuickTime 6
for QuickTime 7.x. I do not believe as though Apple is going to deal
with QuickTime 6.5 anymore.

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Hey all,
I've done some looking around on Apple's site and on Google, but I
haven't been able to find a direct answer for this.

Our company is currently running the Windows version of QuickTime
(6.5.x series). I've been asked if we need to update our version in
light of the last few updates for 7.x. I've tried to see if any of
the recent 7.x vulnerabilities affect the 6.5.x client, but have been
So my question that I'm throwing out here to the group is whether or
not we need to look into upgrading to 7.x from a vulnerability
perspective (ignoring any new features that you get from 7.x) or are
we fine with the 6.5.x series for now. I'm not saying we won't
eventually upgrade to 7.x, but I'm wondering if it's something we
need to do immediately because we're vulnerable.

Thanks ahead of time....

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Re: Question on recent Quicktime updates Jun 05 2007 12:35AM
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