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Prevent wireless to wired bridging May 31 2007 12:17AM
James Poland (jwpoland u washington edu) (3 replies)
Re: Prevent wireless to wired bridging Jun 06 2007 01:48AM
Ted Bedwell (ted bedwell sourcefire com)


You also leverage the OSX network locations feature
( The simple
approach is to have a "Wired" location that disables the wireless and
vice versa. The downside is that the user would have to manually switch
this depending on their environment.

There are a couple of software solutions that can automagiclly trigger
the switchover for you. MarcoPolo (
is a freeware option, and I'm sure there are commercial options as well.

Good luck.


James Poland wrote:
> I recently encountered an unusual situation where a firewall logged
> dropped packets where both the source and destination addresses were
> outside of my subnet. The logs clearly showed a port scan. Some
> investigation revealed that a user with a Mac laptop had connected to
> the wired subnet while their Airport wireless card was connected to our
> external wireless network. The port scan occurred over the wireless
> network. However, it appears that the ACK/RST packets that were sent in
> response to the port scan were forwarded to all interfaces, including
> the wired interface, and as such routed to the border device.
> I'm not familiar enough with Mac OS X to know if there's a quick and
> easy way to disable the wireless interface when a wired connection is
> made. I'd guess that inserting a command such as "ifconfig en1 down" in
> a script that fires off when the wired connection is made would do the
> trick, but I can't find such a script. Any ideas? Other methods? o/s is
> 10.4.9.
> Thanks.
> jp

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Re: Prevent wireless to wired bridging Jun 02 2007 03:08AM
Chris Pepper (pepper reppep com)
Re: Prevent wireless to wired bridging May 31 2007 10:10PM
Ali, Saqib (docbook xml gmail com)


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