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Apple to Allow Virtualization of Leopard? Oct 31 2007 08:53PM
Todd Woodward (todd_woodward symantec com) (1 replies)
Re: Apple to Allow Virtualization of Leopard? Oct 31 2007 09:08PM
Dave Schroeder (das doit wisc edu) (1 replies)
RE: Apple to Allow Virtualization of Leopard? Oct 31 2007 10:48PM
Todd Woodward (todd_woodward symantec com) (1 replies)
RE: Apple to Allow Virtualization of Leopard? Nov 01 2007 01:33PM
Don Rhodes (drhodes mail colgate edu)
I heard that some of the better malware writers are now checking for
VM's before installing themselves. This is to stop security people from
watching what it is doing on a virtual honeypot.

It will be a great day once you can run multiple concurrent OS X
machines on a single box. Helpdesk people will not have to fear about
adoption the newest version and still have to support the old ones as
well. Labs will be smaller and waste less energy; this could make use of
the idle power that most computers have. Well, that is the marketing
approach anyway; lower cost, lower wasted power use, cooling
consumption, etc...

Don Rhodes
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From personal experience as well as from a security and supportability
engineering perspective, having used both consumer and data center class
products, virtualization is no panacea to be sure. But it's a nice tool
to have available. The only solutions for running multiple versions of
Mac OS X (without sacrificing desk/rack/lab space, performance or the
EULA) in a lab environment are multiple Mac mini's. (They're small,
stack nice and can be imaged fairly quickly from a Mac OS X Server with
NetBoot/NetInstall or Bombich's NetRestore.) It would be nice to buy
beefier hardware (like updated Xserve's) and run multiple copies of Mac
OS X and Mac OS X Server.

Since the targets of focus are 10.3.9, 10.4.x and 10.5.x, both client
and Server, as well as PPC and x86, I don't see how the potentiality of
this EULA change helps us completely.

Regardles, if true, it's a potential and welcome start towards the

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