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And here's some more negative Apple news Aug 03 2008 01:37PM
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Re: And here's some more negative Apple news Aug 05 2008 09:32PM
David Fedoruk (david fedoruk gmail com)

The thread on Slashdot was interesting, at least up to the point where
someone started comparing Apple and M$. That comparison ineevitably
irriates most Apple users and ends constructive discussion.

The corporate cultures of the two corporations are dramatically
different, as different as their approaches to front end GUI
development are. However, what is interesting in that discusssion is
that we now see that there are two departments inside Apple who put a
damper on employee comments. Not only does Apple legal watch comments
like a hawk, but also the marketing department does as well.

Probably the most distressing part of this is that the marketing
department has this much power that they can prevent discussion about
security issues.This is the first I had heard about it.

The cause may not be actually the marketing department per se. Inside
any company there are protocols and approaches necessary to prevent
employees stepping on each other's toes or interfering in each
other's territories. I would not find it surprising if this was a
simple problem of miscommunication. If internal protocol says that you
mention to marketing that you will be talking to some experts about a
topic in public and you dont' bother to inform them, marketing will
for certain choke onit and make it an issue.

This is a wild guess, but I can see that it is quite possible that the
people planning to talk at the conference just simply didn't inform
marketing and so marketing stopped it. I speculate that if the
presenters had mentioned ot marketing that this conference was taking
place, it would have gone ahead.

Having worked in a large corporation before, I know that there are
somethings you do out or courtesy, they are formalities which are
irksome and bothersom, the formaility changes nothing except that it
prevents noses from being put out of joint. I had to, many time, just
simply bite the bullet and write the email or make the call and say
the right words and I got to do what I needed to do without
interference. All I had done was to pay attention to someone who
needed their ego stroked.

If there is one thing the security Black hats are noted for is their
complete lack of tact and form almost ot the point of rudeness. I
have, on many occasions, been really angered by the way some of these
problems are addressed even though I agree with the person who is
speaking about them.

In the end, this incident has escalated beyond the point where
keeping it alive and in the press will do any good at all. Dropping it
and attempting to find a way to skirt the problem would be more
profitalbe. Apple does talk abotu its technology and can be
forthright, although they often aren't.

In the end, I think someone's toes inside Apple were stepped on and we
saw the knee jerk reaction. I'm not defendingn it, just noting that
Steve Jobs is not the only one within Apple with an ego.

Bruised egos should not develop into root kits!


David Fedoruk
B.Mus. UBC,1986
Certificate in Internet Systems Administration, UBC, 2003
"Music is enough for one's life time, but one life time is not enough
for music" Sergei Rachmaninov

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