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Re: And here's some more negative Apple news Aug 06 2008 03:10AM
David Fedoruk (david fedoruk gmail com) (1 replies)
You are right about the disconnect between marketing and engineering,
but the disconnect goes further than that. Most of the upper layer of
management these days does not understand the technology.

Is this disconnect not a security issue in itself which should be
addressed? We tend to focus on technical solutions to security
problems but often the problems are not technical, the critical week
spot are the human beings in the system.

How do we begin to address these interpersonal issues in a positive
way? How do we get those human resource and marketing types to not
view the technology as a kind of magic?

Perhaps we have allowed that illusion to be carried forward because it
was at one time an advantage to us. Now, it has become a security
problem. Our systems are only as secure as the users who operate them.

> Unfortunately, that is what will happen because there is always a disconnect
> between marketing and engineering. I don't think it matters what type of
> business it is.

David Fedoruk
B.Mus. UBC,1986
Certificate in Internet Systems Administration, UBC, 2003
"Music is enough for one's life time, but one life time is not enough
for music" Sergei Rachmaninov

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Re: And here's some more negative Apple news Aug 06 2008 05:31PM
Dave Mangot (dmangot terracottatech com)


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